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Do you want to be a character or host at Rock the Tea? Find out our current hiring/submission status here as well as information regarding positions we offer. 

Currently accepting submissions for Female Character Performers

Character Performer Overview: Rock the Tea's character performers wear our beautiful costumes, wigs and appropriate makeup to resemble popular fairytale characters. They interact with children and adult guests and sing music from popular fairytale music. They may be requested to travel to private homes and alternate venues to perform as characters. Character performers should be familiar with the backstories of the characters they may be portraying. They may be required to learn skills such as face painting, memorize stories and songs and have good improvisational skills.

Within the next few months, we will have the following characters, and will continue to add more in the future:


Snow Princess

Ice Queen

Bayou Princess

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Beauty


Snow White

We are looking for performers of all ethnic backgrounds to portray our characters, including non-traditional casting.

Here is a list of requirements for performers:

- Have great attitudes and appreciation of fairytale characters

- Be reliable and good with communication

- Have a familiarity with fairytale stories

- Have an excellent singing voice and character portrayal abilities

- Have excellent interaction skills with children

- Be able to answer children's questions about characters

- Be engaging and patient with children.

- May be required to travel to and from off site events independently

- Must be able to meet a schedule and be consistently on time 

- Have a likeness to fairytale characters

- Appear to be age appropriate for fairytale characters -(late teens to mid 20's)- Must provide appropriate undergarments such as tights, shorts, regular and strapless bras

- Be responsible with costumes, wigs and other provided character accessories and tools such as speakers, books, bags, etc.

Compensation: Character actors are independent contractors. Event pay starts at $40 for an on site 60 minute booking, which includes 30 minutes for prep/put away and 30 minutes of character performance.


Please fill out the form below and submit your resume, recent headshot, full body shot and performance reel AND/OR a 1 minute video of you performing a song your favorite Fairytale character. Please perform the song as if you are singing it to a group of small children in character. Please upload your video to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo and make sure a there are no passwords or permissions needed. An unlisted YouTube video is ideal.

We may ask to schedule an online interview/audition, an in person interview/audition, notify you that we will keep you in our database for future hiring rounds or we may let you know that you can re-submit in the future. 

Please note that we are looking for performers of all ethnic backgrounds to portray our characters, including non-traditional casting of traditionally caucasian characters.

Hiring Questions

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