*Covid Update:*

Rock the Tea Party Package Policies 

As of 7/30/2021, Emergency Directive 047 from the Governor of Nevada mandates that all persons must wear masks while in indoor settings.

This stipulates that all those attending events at Rock the Tea are mandated to wear masks, ages 2 and up.

Masks can be removed for eating, facials and photos. We only apply makeup to the eyes and cheeks so it is not affected.

We ask our guests to comply with the policies that have been set forth by the state and allow us to continue offering services to our guests.

Booking - To book a party, camp or venue rental, you can check availability and request a date here on our website  or you can call us at or email us. Bookings are held for 24 hours during which time a deposit must be placed to confirm the booking.

Party Deposit - A $75 deposit is required to confirm your party reservation, $50 to confirm a playdate . Once you have requested a date, either by phone, email or via the website, you will receive an invoice for the deposit. Party reservation times are held for 24 hours after the initiation of the invoice, so please pay promptly.

Party Balance - The balance for your party is due upon completion of the party. One of our hosts will go over the charges with you and collect payment at that time. We accept only credit/debit cards or cash. Tipping is not expected but appreciated.

Refunds - Deposits are refundable if cancellation notice is given 45 days or more prior to event date for parties. Deposit is non-refundable if cancellation takes place less than 45 days prior to event date. We do not offer refunds for changes in covid guidelines including but not limited to capacity requirements, mask wearing or social distancing requirements. 

Confirmation - Parties are confirmed the Monday prior to your event. I will contact you via phone and email. At that time we will need your final guest count and that is what you will be billed for on the day of the event. If there are additional guests added on the day of the event, we will add them to your final invoice. 


Party Rates, Minimums & Maximums - Party rates are per participating guest - meaning those who will be participating in the activities we offer. There is no charge for adults who attend as observers. Non-participating guests should be no more than 1-2 per participating guests, with a few extra guests allowed to the family booking the party.  Party rates are included in each party description and below. We can accept parties with up to 20 guests and our total building capacity is 50, so that would be participating and non-participating guests combined.

Party Rates as of 9/10/2021

Playdate Parties are for 2-6 guests, Tea Parties are for guest 6 guests and up

Princess & Rockstar Dress Up Tea Celebration: $50 per guest for first 6 Guests ($300),  Additional guests $35 

Princess & Rockstar KaraokTea Celebration: $50 per guest for first 8 Guests ($300), Additional guests $35

SereniTea Spa Celebration: $55 per guest for first 6 guests ($330), Additional guests $35

Stuff a Bear or Unicorn Celebration: $60 per guest for first 6 guests ($360), Additional Guests $40

Super Hero CreativiTea Celebration: $55 per guest for first 8 guests ($330), Additional Guests $35

Wizards Want CreativiTea Celebration: $55 per guest for the first 6 guests ($330), Additional Guests $35

Tea with a Princess: $100 base fee, $50 per guest for first 6 guests ($352 + $100 base fee =$452 minimum), Additional Guests $34

Please visit our Celebrations page for more information on our party packages!



We have several catering options for food, snack and desserts which you can see here. You are welcomed and invited to bring your own food and cake/cupcakes/desserts to be served at the party. We have time set aside in all of our party packages to serve a small entree such as sandwiches, pizza, chicken fingers, fruit, veggies and cheese or whatever simple food/snacks you provide. We also reserve time at the end of the party for singing happy birthday and blowing out candles. We ask that you provide a cupcake or small cake for the birthday child to use to blow out candles for health reasons. 

If you are providing your own food, you will need to provide plates, napkins and any cutlery necessary for your food items. We provide serving trays and dishes, cake cutting implements and any decor necessary. We are unable to refrigerate or heat food brought by patrons, you may bring catering warmers and/or coolers as needed. 

If you select one or more of our catering packages, we will provide everything needed, including plates, napkins and cutlery.

We provide a small table (4') for you to serve food the the non-participating guests (parents, friends) in our lobby area and can provide an additional 4' table, and we prefer that you keep it simple as we are not set up for large food spreads. Trash cans are provided, but you are responsible for loading/unloading any food items you provide for your guest, as well as cleaning up after yourselves. Please keep in mind that we ask you to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time and that you are cleared out no more than 15 minutes following your scheduled end time. If you wish to leave behind food to be cleaned up or host a larger celebration for friends and family in the lobby area, we can provide a dedicated host, additional tables and set up/clean up assistance for an additional fee of $75.  PLEASE do not put food on the reception desk or go behind the reception desk area. 

We have separate serving areas for the participating guests and accompanying parents/friends/family. If you bring the same food to serve both, we ask that you either bring separate servings, one for each area, or we can dish up some of the food on our own serving trays to be transferred to the children's tea table area. 


We  have complimentary ice water available in the lobby for parties with over 8 guests.

Party Date Best Practices Please arrive and ask your guests to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. We book events back to back and we need time to change over party themes, clean and disinfect between parties. Once your party has ended, we ask that you and your guests exit in a timely fashion - within 15 minutes of your party's end time - to allow us to clean up, disinfect and change over for our next event. We do not usually schedule gift opening time in our party plans, so please let us know if you would like that included. If you or guests are late and delay the start of your event, we may have to eliminate elements from our party package in order to meet our timeline. Please notify us at 702-207-4475 if you are running late. Guests who have not arrived 30 minutes after the scheduled start time with no contact will be considered a no-show and their event will be cancelled, no refunds. ​

Food Allergies and Special Needs We understand that some children have food allergies and special needs. Please let us know of any guests who may need special considerations concerning food or activity modifications and we are happy to make adjustments to make all guests feel safe, welcomed and comfortable.

Camps, Classes & ActiviTea Guidelines

Camp Deposit - Camps require a $100 deposit, classes are paid for at the time of booking per guest.

Class and ActiviTeas All class fees are paid upon enrolling for the class. 

Camp Balance - The balance of your campers fees are due at drop-off on the first day of camp. You will receive an invoice with the charges a few days prior to your camp start date and may pay the balance via the invoice link or in person when you arrive at the start of camp. 

Cancellations: ActiviTeas and Classes are non-refundable. Camps deposits are refundable if cancelled at least 30 days before the camp begins.

Drop offs/Pick ups - For classes, ActiviTeas and Camps, parents must accompany their children inside the venue to address any needed paperwork, balances or instruction, and for the children's safety. Parents must inform staff of any allergies or special needs with staff. Parents will also be required to enter the facility to pick up their children from any classes, ActiviTeas or camps. Children who arrive late to scheduled classes, ActiviTeas and Camps may miss out on some activities, but we'll do our best to get them caught up. Children may arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start time and must be picked up promptly at the end of the class, ActiviTea or camp session. Parents who arrive more than 15 minutes after the end time of their childs class, ActiviTea or camp will be assessed a late pickup fee of $20. Arrangements can be made for early dropoffs and late pickups for camps for an additional fee.

Behavior - We expect children to be on their best behavior while attending one of our classes, ActiviTeas and Camps. We will explain rules such as listening to instructions, respecting each other and teachers and/or hosts and to be kind to each other. We will discuss any behavior concerns with the parent, and reserve the right to remove unruly children from activities, or require a parents presence to allow them to continue participation.

Age Limits - Children must be fully potty trained and able to use the facilities with no assistance from adults, even in the toddler camps. Please contact us to enroll a child younger than the suggested age limit in one of our classes, ActiviTeas and Camps, so that we may discuss if it will be a good fit. 

Rock the Tea is committed to being inclusive to all of our guests and employees.

We welcome guests of all races, genders, ages, religions, identities, and experiences.

We are committed to hiring staff that reflects the guests we welcome.