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Rock the Tea

Covid 19 Policies & Precautions

In response to the world wide Covid Pandemic and in accordance with all state mandates, these are our current guidelines for party participation at Rock the Tea.


- Beginning 5/1/2021, we may have 40 persons in our space at a time. This is in addition to the staff we have on premises. We can now allow parties with up to 16 participants which leaves room for 24 adults/non-participants to accompany the participating guests. 

- Face Masks/Coverings (see mask requirements below) must be worn properly (tight fitting covering both nose and mouth) by both participating guests and observing guests at all time with few exceptions. Participating guests 12 and under may remove their masks for makeovers, mud masks, dining and for the runway shows. Adults and non-participating guests must wear wear masks at all time, removing them only for dining or drinking beverages. Social distance must be maintained while eating/drinking by non-participating guests.

- Face masks must be medical or tightly woven cloth masks with at least 2 layers of fabric. Neck Gaitors, Mesh, lace or other porous masks will not be allowed and an alternative mask will be provided. Guests who refuse to wear proper masks will be asked to leave the property. 

- All costumed characters will wear masks when interacting closely with guests. They can remove their mask to perform a musical number and for photos as long as all other guests are masked.

-Hand sanitizer will be offered throughout the event.

- We are happy to substitute alternate activities to allow full time mask wearing for participating guests. 

- Guests should arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the event start time and leave immediately following the end of the event to allow ample cleaning time between parties.


- Before and after all parties, our hosts clean and sanitizing all surfaces accessed by guests. All place settings are also washed and sanitized as usual prior to use with guests.

-All Rock The Tea employees will wear masks at all times throughout the party and will wash and sanitize their hands frequently. Gloves will be worn for any food service throughout the party.

-Dress up clothes and accessories are laundered nightly and sprayed with hygeine spray between parties.

- Karaoke activities are unavailable at this time.

Thank you! We appreciate your cooperation in keeping us all healthy and safe!