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Custom Options 

We have many options to make your in studio event a little easier

and/or even more special!

We can also customize beyond these options.

Invite a Princess to join the celebration! The Princess of your choice will join the celebration with song and story time and will assist your party guests through many of their activities. Characters Currently Available: Cinderella, Frozen Ice Queen, Frozen Snow Princess, Mermaid Princess, Sleeping Beauty, Alice Coming Soon: Rapunzel, New Orleans Princess, Princess Beauty and more!


30 Min (standard) $100

45  min $150

1 hour $175


30 Min - $100

45 Min - $150


A Royal Visit


Cakes & Cupcakes

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We've partnered with Sinful Sweets to provide a delicious cake or cupcake option for our events. Keep things simple and elegant by adding our special Rock the Tea inspired  cake or cupcakes to your event. You don't have to worry about picking it up or transporting it - we'll even provide the candles, plates and forks! These gorgeous cake and cupcake designs coordinate perfectly with our Rock the Tea decor and are perfect for any of our themes! If you prefer a more customized cake, contact us for a discount code with Sinful Sweets! Cakes must be confirmed as a part of your package a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event.


6" 2 Layer Cake - Serves 8-12       $90

6" 3 Layer Cake - Serves  12 - 15  $100

8" 2 Layer Cake - Serves 14 - 20   $115

8" 3 Layer Cake - Serves 18 - 20+ $125

Cupcakes - $80/Dozen


Standard Catering:

- Entree: Choose from *Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) or finger sandwiches (choice of Turkey & Cheese, Ham & Cheeese, Nutella or Peanut Butter and Jelly)

- 1 fresh fruit option

- Goldfish Crackers

-Ice cream sundae bar - featuring Vanilla ice cream, several popular dry toppings, sauces, whipped cream and a cherry. 

Apples grapes.jpeg
Ice Cream Party


*Entree Catering - $7/per person

Ice Cream Sundae Bar - $5/per person

*Entree and Ice Cream Catering - $10 per person

*Minimum 8 guests for pizza entree catering option

Kids Catering

Traditional Tea Catering:

3 tiers of delight!

- Traditional Tea Sandwiches (Strawberry & Cream Cheese, Hame & Cheese & Cucumber, Turkey & Cheese)

- 2 fruits (usually straweberries and grapes - subject to availility)

- Variety of small desserts - cookies, scones, brownies, cheesecakes, etc.  


Traditional Tea Catering - $12.50 per guest, minimum 8 guests​

Finger sandwhiches.jpeg
Dessert Tray

If you wish to add more time to your event, we offer some additional activities to keep you party guests entertained.


30 Min Karaoke - $50 flat rate

Add a Stuff-a-Unicorn, Bear or other special request stuffed animal: $15 per guest

Add Spa Crafts - Glitter Gel, Sugar Scrub, Chapstick and Bath Fizz: $15 per guest, adds 30 min to party

Add a Custom Craft - Contact for ideas and pricing

Extra Time

Beauty Spa
Kids in Art Class

Contact Us to discuss further custom options!