Let's Play DRESS-UP at Rock the Tea!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This is SO exciting! You will be celebrating a special occasion - most popularly a birthday, or maybe a family get together friends having some fun and you've been invited by your party host to participate in a Dress Up Tea Party at Rock the Tea!

My name is Sandra and I'm the operator and creator at Rock the Tea! I have some tips and info that will make your experience go as smoothly as possible and I'll walk you through what you can expect at the party experience! Please note that party experiences may change based on any number of reasons, so this is just a helpful overview for our standard parties.

  1. Let's get dressed The first thing we do at dress-up tea parties is to assist our young guests to pick out their dress up look for the party. We have an assortment of gowns for our princess parties as well as mix and match looks for our Rockstar parties. We do have private dressing rooms and staff available to help our young guests get dressed. We also welcome parents to assist. We recommend that your little ones wear shorts to keep on under their dress up outfits and tank tops are also great! We do not provide footwear, so you may want to have your little one come in dress shoes. Once they are dressed, they can pick from our beautiful assortment of accessories to complete their look.

  2. Mini-Makeovers We offer hair styling or decorating at our hair stations and nail polish/eyeshadow/face glitter at our makeup stations. For the hair styling, we ask that your little one have dry hair. We can offer a variety of styles and we consult with our young guests before we style, as well as mom when needed! We have many decor options for those who already have styles that don't wish to be changed - including tiara's, bows, barrettes, clips and even hair pieces as needed. We make sure that all of our guests feel included and have options to enhance their hair. We finish off our hair styling with some magical glitter spray. At the nail/makeup stations, it's very helpful if your child has clean nails. We do have nail polish remover if you forget to remove it prior to the party, but we cannot remove gel polish and will offer to go over it instead. Guests also pick out eye shadow and can have some glitter on their cheeks. Each guest gets a freshly cleaned brush for their eye shadow.

  3. Tea time We love it when our little guests sit down to tea! We have beautiful real tea cups for them to use, but we can substitute plastic or disposable cups for our littlest guest. We offer pink strawberry lemonade to our guests and we also have sugar cookie herbal tea available upon request. We use a special, FDA approved glitter in the tea cups that makes our "tea" sparkle and shimmer! It's a really fun touch. At most parties, the party host will provide a snack or entree or purchase one of our catering packages to accompany the "tea", served by our host staff who are all licensed food handlers. Please make sure to inform your party host if your child has food allergies!

There is also a fashion show or karaoke time, cake or dessert and even choose your own party favors. We also have options/substitutions for any young guests who don't wish to participate in mini makeovers! We also have gender neutral or male leaning themes as well. Our biggest goal at Rock the Tea is to make everyone feel welcomed and to have a great experience!

One last thing - if your little one is 3 or under, we do ask that there be parental supervision for that child at all times. Our staff are busy providing services for the party and are unable to supervise small children.

We look forward to your event!


Rock the Tea - Director of CreativiTea and Events

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